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[Ficlet] Throw(back)

finally comeback

BTS Fanfiction Indonesia

throwback copy1


Casts: “Me”, BTS’ V (Kim Taehyung), OC’s Yoo Jooyeon, slight!95line idols | Genre: Surrealism, Sad, AU | Length: Ficlet | Rating: Teen+

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[FF Request] Sunny Dusk –Oneshoot


Sunny Dusk

Main Casts: BTS’ V with Original Character | Many supporting roles here | Genre: Crime, a little Psychology | Length: Oneshoot (5000+ words) | Rating: PG-15 | Author: sonjimoon aka jimoon-ssi | Cover by Ryeohyun Yoon

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[FF Request] Love Sign –Oneshoot


Love Sign

BTS’ V, OC, BTS members

Oneshoot | PG-13 | School-life, romance, lil bit comedy | Cover by Joelle @ Cafe Poster

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[FF] Unpredictable. [2/2]


BTS’ V and OC

sonjimoon’s | Friendship, family, action (?) | PG-13 | Chaptered [Chapter 1]

Cover by iheartpanda @ HSG

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[Oneshoot] More than Words


More than Words

Main Cast:
BTS’ Jungkook and Nam Hyun Jin (OC)

Supporting Cast:
AOA’s Chanmi
BTS’ Jimin
C-Clown’s Maru (Jaejoon)

sonjimoon’s present

Romance, friendship, angst | Oneshoot | PG-13 | Cover by Girikwon @ HSG

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